The goal of the Academic Support, Life skills and Individuality for Empowerment (A-LIFE) program is to provide a comprehensive program of support to youth and young adults ages 14 to 21 who are experiencing failure, lack of motivation, unresolved family conflict, substance abuse problems, disruptive behavior or on the verge of dropping out of school, giving the opportunity to learn more positive life styles and to enhance their capacity to make healthier life choices in order to address unhealthy behaviors. A-LIFE’S overall approach is based on the theory that positive gains in personal and social development, educational aspirations, and academic achievement in tandem with employment training and opportunities fostered by adult coaching and support will make a positive impact on reducing at risk behaviors among the participants. Utilizing evidence based programs, Reconnecting Youth, and the Transition to Independence (TIP) Model, the program will address the areas of Individuality, life skills/ personal development a wellness, cultural enrichment, and career and vocational development. Individuals will participate in one to one and group settings, community service activities to foster positive social skills. They will also be linked to an energetic goal-oriented coach and a team of pillars to assist and support as they navigate through their road of success. Individuals will also participate in a summer Job training experience to enhance employable job skill competencies. Participation in the program will develop assets that promote positive youth development and the acquisition of strong resistance skills that help youth and young adults avoid risky behaviors. It is expected that each participant will acquire positive developmental assets through exposure to positive role models, therapeutic support, youth driven community service projects, career and vocational activities. In summary, the desired results are to strengthen positive developmental factors, develop positive skills and behaviors, and to demonstrate a reduction in risky behaviors and to partner with the Youth’s parent(s)/and/ or pillars of support encouraging and facilitating the realization of these results. Coaching and Pillar Support: A-LIFE will provide one to one relationships between program participants and an assigned coach for the purpose of providing guidance, and assessing their individual needs as well as assisting in devising a comprehensive life goal plan. Participants will also be connected with pillars of support assisting them meet their needs be it spiritually, physically or mentally. Academic Support Full time A-LIFE participants will be utilizing Aliquippa School District Cyber education program which gives each of them the opportunity to be creative and productive, and also discover and explore their potential. It also teaches students responsibility, time management, self-discipline, dedication, independence and a global perspective. This will give students the opportunity to graduate with a diploma from Aliquippa Senior High School. Group Support: Utilizing the evidence based program Reconnecting Youth A-LIFE will provide therapeutic support through individual and group work focusing on building self-esteem, setting/monitoring goals, decision making, personal control, and interpersonal communication. Job Readiness & Business Enterprise Skills: A-Life will prepare program participants for employment through job readiness training, occupational skill training, job shadowing and other employment and education –related opportunities. A-LIFE’s onsite business enterprise component is defined as a program-sustained/sponsored, participant-led activity that Provide individuals with opportunities to experience the expectations of the business world. Program participants will work individually and in teams to complete assigned tasks in a timely and professional manner. Participants will produce personalized products, sweet gourmet treats, and fashionable apparels. Participants will be responsible for every aspect of the business to include advertising, ordering materials and supplies helping customers with selections, taking orders production, packaging, delivery and customer service. Life Skills/Personal Development: A-LIFE will engage program participants in developing skills and competencies that allow them to be productive citizens. The life skills component will consist of the following domains:  Self-Awareness: Self-Awareness is a prerequisite to all major life skills in A-LIFE. Emphasis is placed on developing skills of reflection and analysis, which can lead to a growing awareness of who they are, what, why, and how they think; emotions and attitudes; and personal circumstances, experiences, and actions.  Decision Making/ Problem Solving: Teaches individuals how to actively make decisions about their actions in relation to healthy assessment of different options and what effects these different decisions are likely to have. Problem solving skills help individuals constructively deal with problematic situations in their lives.  Personal Control Teaches individuals how to manage their typical responses to stress, anger and depression; individuals learn to identify what triggers their moods and to develop personal strategies for healthy coping. The importance of adult and peer support and choosing fun, healthy activities to gain control over moods is emphasized.  Inter Personal Communication : Offer individuals skills for communicating that will lead to greater personal control and positive goal attainment. Negotiating, giving and receiving help, and resolving conflict with others are the challenges that require the use of effective interpersonal communication skills.  Setting Goals, Making and Enacting Plans: Individuals will identify goals, anticipate challenges, imagine success, map plans, put plans into action, evaluate their progress, adjust and revise their plans as required and celebrate successes. Individuals will make carefully thought-out choices as they set personal goals and develop and implement plans for achieving them. Independent Living Skills: A-Life will assist individuals in developing the skills needed to live independently. A-Life will empower individuals with the knowledge to develop skills essential for maintaining independence. Independent Living skills will include the following:  Daily living Skill  Health and Wellbeing  Housing  House hold budgeting  Financial management  Education and Training  Legal Rights and Responsibilities  Transportation A-LIFE STAFF A-LIFE staff’s goal is to support our students and promote their success in the program. Staff training is provided for through a variety of consultant organizations including but not limited to Beaver County Behavioral health BC Scores, Women and Christian Counseling, Family Links, Training is also provided internally through Deliverance Temple Ministries R.O.O.T.S. Inc. All A-Life Staff is required to 40 hours of training annually. All staff has received Training in the following evidence based programs: Motivational Interviewing, Adkins Life Skills, and Reconnecting Youth. And within the next 18 Months all Staff will become Certified Life Coaches.